Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

This is a living document. I update this page whenever possible. Please note that it is subject to change.

Physical well-being

  • DAREBEE workouts - Ditch the fitness app fatigue! DAREBEE is a game-changer: a non-profit treasure trove of FREE, ad-free workouts you can do anywhere. No equipment, no pressure, just pure fitness gold. Seriously, why pay when you can play (like, work out) for free? Not affiliated with them but a follower.
  • Running outside - it's nature's therapy session with a cardio bonus. Plus, no gym fees - just fresh air and questionable fashion choices. So lace up, breathe deep, and embrace the glorious weirdness of the running world. You won't regret it. As an introvert, I highly recommend that we go out sometimes so that we'll be reminded why we usually don't. Kidding, go out and run. Thank yourself later.
  • Running indoors - If you are able to purchase a treadmill, I suggest to get one. Don't buy those cheap ones since it won't last long and you'll soon ask for a durable one with incline options. Invest in a good treadmill. I personally use NordicTrack t.70 treadmill. Buy those that are between $1000-$3000 like Powertrain.

Mental well-being

  • Medito Org - I tried tons of meditation apps and this is by far what works for me. It's free. Watch my quick review below. Not affiliated with them but a follower.